Commonly Asked Questions

Medication Assisted Treatment or MAT is the use of medications, such as Methadone, Buprenorphine, or Vivitrol, in combination with therapy to provide a “whole-patient” approach to the treatment of substance use disorders such as opioid use disorder and alcohol use disorder. 

Yes, a client can complete intake at whichever clinic is offering intake that day and then transfer to his/her “home” clinic the following day. We just ask that you make the intake clinic aware of this transfer on the day of your intake. 

Our Integrative Outpatient Clinics provide a variety of services. All seven CORAS Treatment Facilities in Delaware provide Medication Assisted Treatment, Substance Abuse Services (struggling with a substance use disorder but don’t want or need to be on MAT), Behavioral Health Services, Medication Management for Mental Health with a psychiatrist or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, general Primary Care Services with a Family Nurse Practitioner or Physician’s Assistant, Individual and Group Therapy with both licensed and unlicensed clinicians, Peer Support Services, and Family Planning coordination for new or expecting moms. 

A Wellness & Recovery HelpLine specialist will be able to assist you with identifying detox facilities closest to you. Additionally, you can access the state’s website for specific resources to meet your needs.

For VI-SPDAT, Delaware State Rental Assistance Program (SRAP) or Rapid Rehousing please use the following links for information and to apply:

You. are assigned clinician can assist you in finding a higher level of care. You may be a perfect candidate for our Men or Women Residential Treatment Program.

· Patricia Ayers – Claymont– 302-650-2739

· Donna Orsatti – Newark – C: 302-650-2754

· Chaunta Kilgoe – Smyrna – C:302-685-2334, S: 302-553-3258

· Ted Sammons – Harrington – 302-332-8315

· Marie Hudson – Seaford – 302-605-2379

· Marie Hudson – Millsboro – 302-605-2379

  • Claymont – Tuesday from 5am-9am
  • Newark – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 5am-9am
  • Smyrna – Tuesday and Wednesday from 5am-9am
  • Dover – Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 5am-9am
  • Harrington – Friday from 5am-9am
  • Seaford – Tuesday and Thursday from 5am-9am
  • Millsboro – Monday and Wednesday from 5am-9am

Please bring a form of ID and a copy of your insurance card, if you are insured. Don’t have a state ID or driver’s license? We can accept any form of ID that provides a picture and your name such as a student ID, employment ID, prison ID, or hospital ID. 

Yes, all guest dosing request can be submitted to your clinician or the Lead Nurse at your home site at least two weeks in advance of your vacation. Request for emergency guest dosing will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 

CORAS does not provide housing services however we do offer residential treatment programs where a client with a substance use disorder can be accepted into treatment and remain in the program anywhere from 30-90 days depending on approval from insurance, compliance in treatment, and progress in treatment. If a client would like to resume residential services, he/she can be transitioned into a sober living house with CORAS or another organization of their choosing following the successful completion of residential treatment.

During the clinic hours of 5am-1pm, all dosing questions are answered by the Nurse Manager at each site. After clinic hours, all dosing questions are answered by the Medication Compliance Officer Conrad Valido who can be reached at 302-388-9146.

If you are transferring from another organization, we ask that the referring agency provide copies of your medical records to our Wellness & Recovery HelpLine or via Open Bed

Depending on availability, CORAS is able to provide transportation to new intake appointments. This must be requested when scheduling your intake appointment with the Wellness & Recovery HelpLine Customer Advocates.